Here's what's happening at our Software Circus Community Space - Scary, uh?šŸ‘»

Event-driven SRE-inspired DevOps & Monitoring Kubernetes Endpoints

We're kicking off October with tech-filled meetup!
Jim Sheldon (
@bitberk) will dive into Kubernetes endpoints monitoring using blackbox exporter.
Andreas Grabner (
@grabnerandi) will present his Guide to Event-driven SRE-inspired DevOps.
October 1, 2020 | 6PMĀ CEST

Amsterdam Hacktoberfest Meetup

We're very happy to host the Amsterdam Hacktoberfest Meetup!
2 items on the schedule:
Dawid Ziolkowski (
@DavidZisky): What's Hacktoberfest and how to start
Adrian Mouat (
@adrianmouat): Container Solutions Open Source Projects

October 5, 2020 | 6PMĀ CEST

Super Mario Bros vs GitOps & Flatcar Container Linux

We will start with an attempt at beating Super Mario Bros speed run world record with Lazslo Fogas (@laszlocph). And we're very happy to once more welcome Andy Randall (@andrew_randall) who will be presenting a talk together with Salvatore Mazzarino (@salvo_mazzy) about Flatcar Container Linux.

October 21, 2020 | 6PMĀ CEST