Software Circus: Nightmares on Cloud Street
Call For Spooky Papers

Back in May we followed the White Rabbit and reached the clouds of Wonderland… But it looks like our bunny has other plans this time!

Submit your talk here for a chance to speak at our (Scary) Cloud Native Virtual Festival, on October 29th.

The plan for this special edition is to present a series of horror stories of Cloud Native projects gone terribly wrong. So do not hesitate, share your worst nightmares with us and give the Software Circus Community the opportunity to learn from them. The scarier you can get the better!

If you need some inspiration, here are some examples!
- Deleting a Kubernetes cluster by mistake
- Dropping your production database
- Systems failing to handle Black Friday
- Chaos engineering going out of control
- Disaster recovery was a disaster!
- DNS. It’s always DNS
- Here is some data. Oh, no! This is my users personal data!
- Using new technology for the wrong reasons

Try to stay on theme, but send us your proposal even if it is a bit off topic!

The deadline for submissions is on Tuesday 29th September.

Don't forget to check our Code of Conduct, we really care about it! Here you go:

We welcome first time speakers! The Software Circus Team will support and coach you throughout the whole process - don't be afraid, submit your proposal here and we'll be helping you make it as scary as possible!

Our CFP has just closed! Keep an eye on the website for the upcoming schedule.