The CFP is currently closed - keep an eye for future announcements!

Submit your talk here for a chance to speak at our virtual Software Circus Conference, on May 21st.

From Amsterdam to New York, we'll cover some timezones across the ocean with a packed, long day of learning and fun.

We welcome any submission related to the Cloud Native ecosystem, but you know how picky the Mad Hatter can be... So we strongly encourage to submit talks about radical, weird, out-of-the-box approaches around the below topics:

• Cloud Native
• DevOps Culture
• Diversity in DevOps
• Continuous Delivery
• ML
• Big Data
• Serverless
• Microservices
• Unikernels
• Failure stories
• Cloud native transformation stories
• 5G
• Edge computing
• Quantum computing
• IoT
• AI
• Security - hacking
• Weird/Innovating programming languages
• Cutting edge tech
• AR/VR development
• Live coding
• Ethics in Cloud Native

The deadline for submissions is on Friday 8th May.